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The Definition of Business Process Outsourcing

"Business Process Outsourcing is the long-term contracting of a company’s business process to an outside service provider to help increase shareholder value."

Management Focus

Indeed, companies in many industries are outsourcing more of their business processes to outside service providers that are leaders in their fields, and that can provide the best-in-class system and service. This allow management to focus more of their time and attention on the companies core business—to improve corporate performance and profitability, and to gain a competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace.

New Business Model

"Business Process Outsourcing is becoming the new business model for managing corporate change and growth," says John Barnsley, Global leader of the firm’s worldwide BPO practice. "It enables companies to shatter the boundaries of their traditional businesses, and to build long-term strategic partnerships with outside professional service firms for managing in the new millennium."


BPO is about transforming your company into a more effective organizational—one that is more competitive and profitable, one that continually builds shareholder value. Toward this end, what we do is to transform your back-office operations into a more productive customer-focused service center.