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In my opinion, the way information technology outsourcing services of the future are provided and for the way in which customer behave. I therefore believe that anyone contemplating a new or re-negotiated I.T. outsourcing agreement should think seriously about incorporating some or all of the following characteristics into their agreement. At the result, that I.T. outsourcing can have a good long term future but it is at a critical point in its development. If it is to fulfil its potential, customers must become much more sophisticated in its use. It is not a panacea and never will be. Customers cannot abdicate responsibility for thinking about their information needs however much they want to there is just too much evidence to show that suppliers are not yet stepping up to that particular mark.

My view is creating new business synergy through outsourcing the reasons are these exciting, innovative times for the constantly changing world of business outsourcing. From shared development of technology and products to new form of mutually beneficial relationships, outsourcing is creating and enabling new business synergies between companies. In fact, outsourcing has emerged as a primary tool for business moving from vertically integrated "islands" to a model based on interrelation and shared services.

This change is evolutionary, as the traditional outsourcing emphasis on tactical benefits like cost reduction fall away and are replaced by benefits like productivity, flexibility, speed and innovation in developing business application, and access the new technologies and skills. However, the change is also revolutionary in its impact on both outsourcing buyers and suppliers.

New Strategies in IT Outsourcing reveals the shape of things to come in the outsourcing market. Complexity in the market place—such as different types of vendors, vendor strategies and service offering---continue a stimulate a wide and ever-increasing range of choices. In response, clients organization must re-examine their management practices and their ability to manage different types of outsourcing arrangement.

The case for outsourcing often involves conflicting business, technical and economic issues and is rarely clear-cut. New Strategic in IT Outsourcing considers the trade-offs needed to arrive at crucial sourcing decisions and provides an essential checklist of key issues which you must address in developing an outsourcing strategy.

Finally, I would like say Thank You for the DR GLENN HARDAKER give me a opportunity to present this Assignment.