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There are the conclusions of research carried out by GUY FITZGERALD(of Birkbeck College) into outsourcing.

The points are:

*The outsourcing of IT should not be the result of an exasperation with current performance or a desire to get rig of problem. This is likely to lead to unsuccessful outsourcing, because an organization which can not successful performed its own IT is unlikely to be able to specify and organize the outsourcing of it.

*Organizations should be very careful not to outsource those aspects of IT which are strategic to their or which differentiate them from the competition.

*100% outsourcing of an organizationís IT is likely to be problematic, especially in the long term.

*Companies should put their own house in order prior to outsourcing. Many organizations outsource element of their IT which are less than efficient and the price is agreed on that basic.

*Even after collect outsourcing decisions have been made, the client company must not assume that they can wash their hands of any further involvement. One important to success is for the client to manage the vendor and evaluate performance on an ongoing basic.