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Many companies think of information technology as an end in itself, as something they need to acquire at great cost. The acquisition of information technology often needlessly overshadows the true ends of human endeavor, whether in business, education, or the provision of publish services. With the advent of the Internet and its secure, robust protocol, this need not be so.

The rapid expansion of the Internet allow us to begin thinking of information technology in a new way: as purely a means to our individual ends, as an outsource utility. Enterprises needing electricity need not build a power of their own. This is true because of the extensive distribution network for electricity and its ease of transport.

Because of the explosion of the Internet and the ease of transporting digital bits, enterprise need no longer build their own information technology power plants. By combining the power of world class software with the communication power of the Internet, USI is making available to every of enterprise information technology that has until now required substantial up-front investment, as a kind of utility on which their success depends.