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Business will want to draft confidentiality agreements of outsourcers vying for or ultimately awarded their outsourcing contracts. These agreements serve a number of purposes.

(2)Network security

Outsourcers themselves will want to gain the necessary expertise to anticipate and/or address security issues. As a start, outsourcers con begin by subcontracting out such responsibilities to any number of firms specializing in network security.

(3)Existing Security

Businesses need to be sure that they are adequately leveraging their existing security experts, whether they are employees or consultants. These experts should monitor every step of the outsourcing relationship from proposal to negotiation to the post-contract operation of the network.

(4)Increased Security

For extremely sensitive information, businesses and outsourcers may want to consider developing certain in

infrastructural solutions that increase network security. For example, one network processes administrative information and a separate network processes financial tranactions.