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Allinís Customers Tell Why They Outsource

Allin has assembled a team of over 40 IT professionals who focus on Microsoft BackOffice, Internet-based wide area networking, virtual technology networking and collaborative computing.

Clients who use Allin for ongoing outsourcing typically have these traits in common:

*Small to medium size company or department (30 to 2000 users)

*Growing fast with limited IT resources

*Progressive view of information management

*Consider information technology as a strategic competitive resource

Among Allinís existing clients, the primary motives for outsourcing in general and using Allin in particular boil down to three issues:

*Save time and money

*Have access to IT expertise

*Transfer Allinís technical knowledge to in-house IT staff

In the final analysis, Allin and Allinís cliemts spell success the same way: the creation and maintenance of competitive information systems. The ultimate accolade for Allinís outsourcing model is when an IT manager such as Questerís Larry Davis can say, "Allin helped me be successful."