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Definition type of outsourcing

Outsourcing can affect all areas of Information Systems. When outsourcing first become popular many companies chose to outsource the entire corporate Information System function. Since then companies have been much more selective and outsourcing specific functions and applications.

Telecommunications and Local Area Networks Outsourcing telecommunications provides flexibility to enable companies to take full advantage of new and improve services.

Help Desk

An informational source for end users where they can achieve a single points of contact for all support services.

Software Development

Outsourcing development projects has several variants. How much of a project is outsource can differ for each individual project. A single phase of a project (e.g. planning, design, development, maintenance) can be outsource or the entire projects responsibility can be assumed by the outsource application development team.

Mainframe Data Processing

Mainframe outsourcing often will take on the added responsibility of hardware ownership to help leverage resource with additional clients.

Netmation can help you analyze your existing operations and made recommendations on what activities would benefits from outsourcing, if any. Many times we have seen companies large outsourcing contracts only to regret the loss of control for certain aspects of the business. Though outsourcing can achieve benefits often too much is contract out when cheaper and more efficiency means could of easily been implemented in-house.