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The shift to outsourcing is a widely share belief that outsourcing is delivering tangible benefits. According to the Federal Sources study, 88 percent of all officials believe outsourcing provides them with skills and technologies. The chief information officials expressed a strong belief that outsourcing is gaining support Because it provide access to hard-to-find skills and new technology.

Information Technology Outsourcing belief that the outsourcing of information systems management and operation is growing rapidly primarily because outsourcing often allows organization to add expertise and improve end-user services in their operations at a reduce cost. Because of the emerging hardware and software technologies and the demands by end-users for more memory , speed, and flexibility, many organizations have been forced to selectively deploy their IT assets and personnel. In addition, as an increasing number of organizations elect to concentrate on core business functions, ITO believes that more such organization will hire ITO to operate all, or a greater portion of, their IT functions.